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Although Xu Liang [microblogging] view, the real anti-jamming capability, you need to continue to accumulate during the match in order to improve, but for how to deal with the Yankees [microblogging] this road, "the devil atmosphere," he still gave Shenhua [microblogging] teammates some advice: "The most crucial point wholesale jerseys chinais to do turn a deaf ear, put all his wholesale jerseys free shipping attention on the ball."

Home game against the team in terms of tens of thousands of fans is the most powerful wholesale jerseys from china backing, but the visiting team, Worker stands, perhaps it will become a nightmare. Until now, has been a move to Guangzhou Hengda [microblogging] FengRenLiang [microblogging], there SongBoXuan [microblogging] and Wu Xi [microblogging] This reversal in 2010 marked the first time in Shenhua Super League players , still can not forget when you first visit the scene of Workers. "At home and some friends went to Beijing specifically look at the ball, the result was they told me the whole game, they have dared to 'expose' their identity, because the scene Guoan fans too scary kind of momentum we himself in court, as long as a ball, along with tens of thousands of people boo you, do you really big head. "

Before Guoan effect when Xu Liang never consider such a thing, he is good this year, with him joining Shenhua Wang Changqing Ye Hao, do, just enjoy the atmosphere of Workers only. "Really quite nostalgic, Beijing and Guangzhou's Tianhe Workers should be the two best home atmosphere of the stadium and if is my own, and I indeed was not worried, I've been to so many teams before , the relationship with the fans are very good, because no matter where I play never vague, fans have recognized me this. terms of any one team, to work the body is very difficult to play the game, so no need to think wholesale jerseys cheap too much, and my heart do not dwell on these, think is useless, in accordance with the requirements of the coach kick, do not go into the stands watching it does not have to do our home when fans to help us, to the people boo away you scold you, more normal. "

wholesale jerseys china

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